Sunday, 21 July 2013

Plant Based And Running

Hello all! Yesterday was a great running day for me. I ran 6 miles and feel no aches and pains in my body. There was a time when a 6 mile run would require some serious icing for my knees.

The biggest reason for this is the 41 pound weight loss I have had since switching to a plant based diet. My recovery time is much quicker now as well. I ran 6 miles yesterday and I feel I can go again today. 

By switching to a whole plant based diet, I am giving my body exactly what is needs for fuel and recovery. I remember when finishing a long run meant I thought it was okay to go to Taco Bell or eat a bag of chip or eat some other high fat and/or processed food. Now after every run, I'll refuel with 100% whole plant based foods. I'll eat some fruits, cook a pot of beans and mix with tofu and spices, or make a wonderful massaged kale salad. 

Being able to run again seriously after experience injury after injury is such a blessing. I realize that my poor eating habits in the past contributed to my constant injuries and poor recovery. I will admit, I don't 100% understand why but I am researching this topic for a better understanding.

With 41 pounds gone and fuelled by plant based foods, my runs are stronger than ever. I feel much different when I am out there pounding the pavement. The impact running has on my body has decreased due to the weight loss. In addition to the stronger feeling, I feel my endurance level is increasing more rapidly than it has in the past. I can run longer distances without stopping than I have ever run in the past. Steep hills are not as intimidating as they once were due to my sore knees. I truly believe the whole food plant based diet is a major contributor to my running "comeback". 

I am considering a number of races this year and once again have a few marathons in mind. I am hoping to complete at least two marathons by the end of 2014. I feel with my new lifestyle which is powered by plant based nutrition, I will accomplish my goals.

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