Saturday, 28 September 2013

Plant Based Diet vs Fad Diets


There have been so many different diets that have come along from low carb, no carb, all carb, low protein, high protein, no protein, blue protein, single food only diets, miracle diets, scam diets, no fat, low fat, fat burning pills, low carbs mixed with more carbs and no protein, 500 lb bull sitting on the sidewalk picking daisies diet. You get the picture. All these fad diets are based on 1 thing. To help you lose weight BUT not get you healthy. They use the same formula, cut your calories and lose weight. In other words, starve yourself. But once you go
off the diet, you'll most likely gain all the weight back. 

As I stated, these fad diets will not get you healthy. Here's a perfect example. Years ago, I tried the Atkins diet. The Atkins diet suggests you cut out most of the carbohydrates from your diet. I was allowed to eat meat, butter, eggs, oils, and everyone's favorite low carb snack pork rinds. The philosophy behind this diet was that it's okay to load up on meat and cheese but not breads, pasta, or even fruits and vegetables. I see now how ridiculous this is. I remember losing weight but not feeling good at all. I remember getting headaches every day. And I gained all the weight back when I decided to stop following the diet. It is my belief that this diet will also raise your cholesterol, blood pressure, steer you towards heart disease, and cause other complications. This diet will make your doctor and pharmaceutical companies very happy as it will most likely lead you to becoming a monthly money spending pill popper. And you DON'T want to go there.

The diet that is a sure fire bet to work is the plant based diet. It's more of a lifestyle change really. The Plant Based Diet is not about starving yourself, or limiting carbs, increasing proteins
or a miracle pill. It's about eating nutrient dense whole plant based foods and as much as you'd like to eat! Go ahead and fill your plate with as many fruits, vegetables, whole grains, or legumes as you'd like. You have so many options to choose from! So many people think it's hard to give up their beloved meat or cheese but it's not that hard at all. It's quite easy. Remember, eating animal based foods will only promote high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, cancer cell growth. It's a proven fact that people who adopt a whole food plant based diet reverse their ailments, lower their cholesterol, lose weight safely, and drastically reduce their risk of heart disease. 

So forget about all the fad diets. They don't work as there are always going to be new ones popping up becoming the latest "craze". I am waiting for someone to come out with the martian diet. Eat like a martian does on their home planet! All kidding aside, the plant based diet is the only diet, in my opinion, that will cover all the bases. You will lose weight, you don't have to starve yourself, you WILL get healthier, and you will feel great! 

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